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Mud and salt lakes

Anyone who comes to Bulgaria by plane can see the red fields just before landing.
When driving to the airport, you can also see the same red fields. These are red lakes - so called Salt Lakes - lakes with saline waters. It doesn't look inviting, as it seems to be a huge area of mud and swamps however, there must be something special about it.

Thanks to our guide, Stephanie, a German teacher, we got to the salt lakes to take a bath. The red water is so salty that people are simply floating on the surface. it's concentrated solution of salt enriched with other substances such as sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium, sulphur and others.
If you want to take a bath, do not exceed the time - no longer than 20 -30 minutes, longer baths might be harmful for your heart. Mud baths are good for curing rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, herniated disk, dislocated joints, etc. However, salt is not good for your skin, so if you have any problems with skin, you'd better avoid it.

If you want to take a mud bath, don't hesitate and go for it! Despite the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulphide, you can see people lying in the mud enjoying the spa. After half an hour you can see them running towards the sea and taking a 'shower' - only a narrow strap of land parts the lakes from the sea.
The mud contains antibiotics, and hormones, it affects peripheral nervous system, extends blood vessels, as a consequence stopping pain and swelling, it also has healing power - bones knit and wounds heal up faster,scars disappear.
Besides healing and antiseptic properties, mud also makes you feel younger and more beautiful.
You'd better not take more than 20 baths not longer than 20-30 minutes each.




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