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Wonderful Bridges

One of the most beautiful natural wonders are so called "Marvellous Bridges". They are situated
in the Rodopa Mountains not far from Plovdiv. In the past the place was known as Erkyupia
which in Turkish meant 'Earth's rock bridge. Ever since there has been a route connecting
two villages, Oherovo and Zaburdo.
There is a legend about how the bridges were created. In the past many shepherds lived in
the villiage of Zaburdo, they owned numerous herds of sheep. One day a dragon appeared and
started to attack the herds. The shepherds decided to do something about it and they thought up
a plan, they stuffed a donkey with sulphur and gave it to the dragon. The dragon ate the
donkey and the sulphur started to burn his stomach. Looking for help, the dragon squeezed
into a small hole in the ground, his big body got stuck and stayed there for ever. In time,
when the body decayed, the only thing left were the big bones which formed the bridges.
The biggest brigde is 70 metres high, another brigde, which is 100 ,etres down the rive,is
23 metres high, and the third one forms a cave into which the river flows. the river disappears
under the rocks only to came out to daylight about 3 kilometres further.
The way to the bridges is easily available so you can visit this place all year round.



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