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The town of Biala is located in the middle of the coast. As most of Bulgarian towns,the town has a very interesting history dating back to ancient times. The terraced ground allows you to adimire the beauty of the sea from any part of the town. It is a town which has been developing rapidly for only a short time but it is very nice and tourist-friendly. Low prices, family atmosphere, slow pace of life, beautiful weather are only a couple of advantages of this place. If yu want to experience old Bulgaria without the tourist buzz, this is a place which you definately need to visit.

From the south and north Biala is surrounded by vineyards. Besides fishing and tourism, the inhabitants of the town take up wine-making and produce Bulgaria famous wines.
There is also a fishing port and yacht marina.
You can see the remains of a temple with a unique marble altar dating back to the times before Christ, the remains of an ancient wine bar and the town walls.
As far as the beaches are concerned, clean golden sand, mild shallow seafront, white rocks around make it a paradise for all families and surfers. To the north of Biala you can find a  picturesque beach - Kara Dere - it is a wide, long,untouched beach which allows you to unwind freely without being disturbed by the crowds. When you are relaxing on the beach, you can observe a huge yacht travelling from Varna to Burgas.


GPS: 42°52'36.63939943776'' N, 27°53'5.8796193972012'' E



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