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The history of Bulgaria

Civilisation much older than you would think …

Few countries in the world have such a rich heritage dating back to ancient epochs as Bulgaria; there are plenty of small
hamlets, fortresses, monasteries, roads, bridges, aqueducts, necropolis and graves dating back to Antiquity and Middle Ages.
The world’s oldest (6000 years old) and most famous Varna Gold Collection was found here.
Ancient culture can be traced along the entire coast of The Black Sea.
Bulgaria is the mother country of the two most famous Thracians: Orpheus and Spartacus. Golden Treasures of Panagyurishte, Silver Treasures of Rogozen and Flying Pegasus of Swesztar come from the time of the Hellenistic Age.
Recently there have been new extraordinary discoveries near the towns of Kazanlyk, Starosielo and Perperek.

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