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Bulgarian quisine

Bulgarian quisine
There are a lot of reasonably priced restaurants, pubs and many kinds of fast ford restaurants in Bulgaria.
Quick breakfast (Byrtca zakooska)
Every morning Bulgarians queue for warm home-made pastries, rolls, croissants. You can get them in small bakeries (banitcharnitse).
Things to recommend:

    * Banitsa – French pastry with cottage cheese, spinach or cheese and ham
    * Kifla – a croissant with chocolate, marmalade or pudding.
    * Stranjanka – a slice of bread baked with mince (keima) sprinkled with mixed spices (sharena sol)
    * Kiselo mlieko – sour milk to drink
    * Airan – sour milk with water  

Lunch time (obiedna potchivka)
At lunch time all restaurants  serve special menu, ‘Dishes of the day’ (obiadno menu) which is not on the menu but it is usually an extra sheet of paper because it’s different every day.
Bulgarians, just like other southerners, celebrate eating meals. They have their own habits and customs, traditional spices, regional dishes, etc.
White bread is served to every dish. Salads are served as side dishes. The most popular salad is Shopski Salad.
Soups are served only before noon, in the afternoon they are usually replaced with salads.
Food is usually served in moderate temperatures, it is never hot.
In the evenings in most restaurants you can enjoy live music. You will have a chance to listen to many different kinds of music, not only Bulgarian, but also Macedonian, Turkish, Greek or Russian.   
A few Bulgarian dishes:
-pileshka supa – chicken soup with sour milk served with noodles  
-"supa toptcheta" – pork broth served with noodles and meat balls (Kaima)
-"teleshka supa" - beef broth
-"shkembe" – tripe soup  (served with garlic and vinegar)
-"tarator" - cold soup – made of sour milk, cucumber, crushed nuts, dill, parsley, garlic
-"bob chorba" – bean soup with vegetables
-"musaka" – potatoes baked with mince and eggs, served with sour milk
-"kufteta i kebabcheta" – grilled minced meat
-"shopski salat" – salad made of cucumber, onions, peppers, and the most important: salty cottage cheese /sireni/
-"pylnene tshushki" – peppers filled with rice and mince served with sour milk
-"kufteta po gradinarski" – minced meat with vegetables
-"peele z oris" – chicken served with rice
-"peele z zele" – chicken and cabbage
-"svinsko z zele" – pork and cabbage
-"sarmi" – minced meat and rice covered with a cabbage or vine leaf served with sour milk
-"pyreni tykvichki z kiselo mliako" – fried zucchini slices sprinkled with sour milk
-"mish mash" – scrambled eggs fried with cottage cheese, peppers and onions
-"lutenica” – cold sauce – puree made of aubergine, peppers, tomatoes (similar to ketchup)
All these dishes are very tasty (mnogo vkoosne) so: Enjoy your meal! (dober apetit) ?
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